Brian Gans' Portfolio
Industry Projects

Drawn to Death (PS4)

- Learned Unity and most all of its functions. Profiling performance and debugging rendering on PS4.
- Worked with programmers to create tools for quickly integrating character costumes.
- Coded custom Unity shaders with geometry manipulation, stylistic expression of lightmaps, decals, grid UV animation, etc.
- Optimized rendering performance of characters and levels.
- Worked with artists to discover optimal asset creation workflow.
- Created animation rigs for the "Hand" character and a few of the weapons.
- Designed one of the levels (Mt. Killmore).
- Created almost all particle effects.
- Created a workflow for converting live-action camera footage to in-game movie texture mapped to a sphere around the player.
- Created many level-based gameplay "gags", and almost all of the tutorial level interactivity via a Unity plugin called Play Maker.

- The below video shows the live-action footage in game, followed by the tutorial level.

Sorcery (PS3)

- Created inventory UI and main menu with supplied graphics in Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate).
- Displayed dynamically structured images of items in a grid layout.
- Handled controller input.
- Worked with lead programmer to create functions in ActionScript that communicated with UnrealEngine 3 via ScaleForm.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3)

- Created some or all particle effects for the levels shown below.
- Worked with level designers and referenced original games to re-create effects in the correct style.
- Greatly exceeded expectations adapting to and working with the particle system editor in the Bluepoint Engine.

PlayStation Home (PS3)

- Integrated furniture items and character clothing items.
- Created thumbnail images, collision, and entered supplied localized text.
- Modified outsource art to ensure items fell within memory and polygon budgets.
- Programmed complex behaviors into some items with Lua Script, including networking and player camera control.
- Created particle effects, some with code driven parameters.
- Created diverse UV scrolling effects using UV layouts on geometry and / or texture grid animation.
- Created furniture items from scratch, some pictured below.

- Created model, texture, effects, and scripting for the dance floor item in the video below.

- Created lava flow and UV flipbook animation effects for the PlayStation Home character costume in this video.

Personal Projects

Unreal Engine 4 - Project Spline on to Terrain as Procedural Mesh Road

- Created an actor with a blueprint script, a spline component, and a procedural mesh component, where the procedural mesh is created in the construction script directly below the path of the spline. The mesh is elevated slightly to avoid clipping through the terrain.
Road geometry conforms to terrain.Blueprint graph for procedural road.

Unity Mobile Game

- Created in Unity using C# programming and the Android SDK

Paintings, Acrylic on Canvas

Engagement / Wedding Rings


Technical Artist / Generalist in the San Diego area.


- 3DS Max
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Animate (Flash)
- CryEngine 2
- Maya
- Perforce
- Photoshop
- Unity
- Unreal Engine 4


- B.S. with Honors in Game Art & Design from The Art Institute of California, San Diego, 2007


- Drawn to Death (PS4)
        Technical Artist

- inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS3)
        Face Scan Artist

- Knack (PS3)
        Tech Art Support

- ModNation Racers (PS3)
        Cinematic Support

- PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3)
        VFX Artist

- PlayStation Home (PS3)
        3D Artist / Programming

- Sorcery (PS3)
        UI Artist / Programming

- The Order: 1886 (PS4)
        Mocap Support

- Twisted Metal (PS3)
        Cinematic Support

- Merchants of Brooklyn / Drug Wars (PC)
        Art Director


- The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
        7-2013 ~ Present
        Technical Artist

- Sony Computer Entertainment America
        8-2009 ~ 7-2013
        3D Artist / Tech Artist

- Paleo Entertainment
        10-2007 ~ 7-2009
        Art Director

- PromoVentures, Inc.
        4-2006 ~ 10-2007
        Photoshop / Flash Artist